Thursday, October 23, 2014

Praying For Canada

Praying for my Canadian family and friends 
today as they mourn the loss of 
Corporal Nathan Cirillo,
killed yesterday in Ottawa.

Terrorism is leaving no country untouched
or unscathed.

Praying for Corporal Cirillo's family,
and for the proud people of Canada.

I remember sitting in tears,
watching the television when the United States
was under attack in 2001.
That feeling of helplessness,
the feeling of uncertainty,
it's a scary place to be.
Hold on to the faith that all will be well.
Hold on to God.
And hold onto each other.

Photo: May, 2014, in Midland, Ontario. Alice Hendon 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taking It Easy

It was a beautiful day to spend working with the horses.
This is Rascal, Kali's horse.
Actually, Mark worked and I watched.
I spent the morning at the podiatrist having my achilles tendon issue re-evaluated. 
Walking is a major pain right now, so I'm spending a lot of time sitting. 
(This is Gus. Our primadonna, or prima-don as the case may be.)
So I rode out and sat and took some cell phone pictures of the boys. 
Ha! Sawyer is sticking his tongue out at me! 
Actually he was hoping to get some more treats. 
They all were.
Gus always hope for more treats. And he thinks licking the camera will help his cause. Silly Gus!
Then the girls wanted treats. 
No idea why Luna is hiding behind that post!
I swear I think they were plotting against me.
"Let's frolic and be all cute and stuff.
Maybe the lady will give us more treats!"
Sawyer was all like, 
"Grow up, girls!
You have to act all nonchalant, 
like you don't care.
Then she'll give you all the treats you want."

Keep dreaming, Sawyer!
And, back to my ice pack I go.

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