Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jaslynn, What a Sweetheart!

A lot of babies have come into our lives recently. And they keep getting cuter and sweeter! Doesn't this mom look as happy as can be with her precious four month old daughter?

Jaslynn is already trying to sit up, so laying down in my basket was not her favorite thing to do that day - lol!

OK, everyone. For those of you who admired my burgundy streaks, this beautiful lady is my hairdresser, the one responsible! I wish I was brave enough to get pink streaks like she has, she looks great with pink streaks!

I have to stop here and point out the big lipstick kiss on the side of her face! You can definitely tell Jaslynn is loved - lol!

She was interested in the flowers. Isn't she adorable?

Mom and daughter both wore purple :).

Jaslynn let us lay her down on her back for a minute, so I shot a whole bunch of pictures because we knew it wouldn't last long - lol!

(And, Jaslynn wasn't really asleep. She was just pretending :O).)

We did this photo shoot two days before Halloween. Jaslynn's mom was so excited to find this little ladybug outfit. Jaslynn, on the other hand, was not excited about wearing the fleece outfit in the 84 degrees temperature - lol! Can't say as I blame her. Again, we shot fast!

Just another shot of mom's hair :).

Isn't she beautiful? And, I leave you with this thought . . . . . . . .

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fix-It Friday, Week 34, I ♥ Faces

It's Fix-It Friday at I ♥ Faces. This is the original they gave us to work with.

Here is my first edit. I used Picasa and PSCS3 to pop up the color, edit out bruises and bug bites, smooth the skin, pop the eyes, and blur the edges.

Next, I reversed the image and added a bit of solar flare, which in this particular case softened the picture a bit.

For this one I cropped in and focused on her face. In the original she had a lot of purpling around the eye. I smoothed this out in PSCS3, then used's Magic Skin action.

I like to play around with settings in photoshop. I changed up the contrast and got the photo on the right.

Then I put the picture through's Coloring Book, Cocoa Twist action. I love how this last one turned out! Why don't you join in the fun and post some edits of your own? To see how others interpreted this week's picture, head on over to I ♥ Faces.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Urijah - Take Two

And so began a love story.

And then, this man and this woman got married under a gazebo.

Their love resulted in this little fellow:

Three months ago I took the above photo. You can view Urijah's newborn shots here.

Fast-forward three months and this is what Urijah looks like now :).

My understanding is that Urijah was named after a well-known fighter, thus the Tapout shots :O).

Isn't that the prettiest smile you've ever seen?

We took these shots in the same gazebo Urijah's mom and dad were married in.

What a beautiful family :).

His Aunt Lindsay got him these cute little flip flops :O).

Isn't Urijah's mother beautiful?

The three of them make a fine looking family!

Glamma and Glamson :).

Thanks for letting me take Urijah's pictures! I had a great afternoon with your sweet family!

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