Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Our Grandkids!

Now that I have your attention, meet Avery ... again.

Yeah, the tall one is Jason - my son. Jason recently got married to Bobbie (who we absolutely love!) and the two of them have eight ferrets! Bobbie told me the ferrets were our grandchildren. Yeah, I can live with that for now :).

For those that follow my blog, you will recall that Bobbie and Jason got married at Bobbie's parents' house a couple weeks ago. These first three shots were taken at the wedding. Avery is Jason's favorite ferret!

Bobbie's parents' home has a room attached that is filled with beach sand. What a great place for the ferrets to play - and they love it! The rest of these shots were taken the day before the wedding, in the beach room.

Yep, that's me with a ferret (Diesel) peeking around my shoulder. Please excuse my gray roots, they have since been dealt with :). Bless you, Brittany!

This little rascal, Diesel, I think, took my scrunchie and made a break for it!
(Jason told me this is actually Lil Boy :), thanks, J!)

At one time I literally had five of them climbing all over me and inside my sweatshirt! They are so soft, and sweet, but they are fast! Kali loved them all, too.

Then they went over to check out Grandpa and nibble on his crocs.

Bobbie is soooo good with these little guys! They truly are her babies :).

Avery, Jason's baby.

Isn't he sweet?!?

And, I think Jason's pretty sweet, too!

Sweet little grandkids! (Somehow, I figured they would look different once I got them.) Anyhoo! I love them! They are a bunch of fun!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Merry Christmas Photo Shoot

A while back I did pictures for Melissa and her family - which you can see here :). With it being Christmas time, we decided to include more of the family in the shoot. This is Melissa's brother James who will be shipping out overseas soon. Our prayers go with him.

This little angel is Melissa's daughter.

Isn't she beautiful?

The grandparents :). . . .

. . . . and the whole clan!

(It must be my age, or maybe it's the hour, but names of the new family members I met that day are just not coming to me.)

Melissa with her brother James, her sister, and her dad. James didn't want to have anything to do with kissing on his dad in this picture - lol!

A fun photo shoot! Great location! Beautiful decorations and fun people to spend a morning with! Thanks for inviting me, Melissa :).

i ♥ faces Hilarious Outtakes Photo Challenge

This week's challenge is Hilarious Outtakes. I immediately thought of these photos I took last week.

This was my first shot of Sally and Hayden. Perfect picture. Then we digressed.

I suggested Sally lean in and kiss her son on the cheek. Apparently not what he wanted to do for all posterity to see fifty years from now - lol!

Sally just kind of ran with it from there (as Hayden batted at her with his flowers) . . . .

. . . . and we got these awesome, hilarious shots!

To see other hilarious outtake photos, visit i ♥ faces here.

To see the rest of Sally's family shots, check back in the next couple days :).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Want One, Santa!

Hey, Santa! How come I didn't get one of these for Christmas?!?

So not fair!

All kidding aside, here is precious little Noah! Isn't he the sweetest little Santa you've ever seen?!?

Our photoshoot went like this.

Dress Noah in his onesie, his little jeans, little Santa boots and hat, then stuff him into a big red bucket!

Lean back and get all cozy, Noah.

Give him a cute little Donner reindeer to teeth on :).

Eat the props and hang on!

Getting tired, Noah? Take a little rest . . . .

. . . . and start looking for Aunt Nikki.

Ooh, time for a little snuggle-break :).

Add Gramma into the snuggle-time :).

OK, all ready for more pictures.

Posing and teething is hard work!

(Take a little photo-journalistic opp here to show off these awesome little Santa boots!)

Then finish off with some any-time-of-the-year kind of pictures :).

Noah loves his Aunt Nikki and Gramma - you could just tell by looking at him!

Such a happy, precious little fellow! He loved getting pictures taken. Not a frown to be found in any of them. Sweet!

Hang on a minute! Noah wants to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Seriously, Nikki - thanks for letting me take Noah's pictures. He is so precious and I know he must be a delight to your whole family. Love you! Happy Holidays!

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