Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taylor Landscape

This is my son, Jason. On Christmas Day, Jason, Kali, and I spent time documenting my mom's residence. Jason wanted to try out some different settings on his camera. I opted to take shots of Jason and Kali. Of course, I couldn't leave out the flowers, statues, and ornamentation around the grounds.
With it officially being "winter", the flowers were few and far between. This next shot is of a sweet little wildflower we found near the statue in the following shot.

And, yes, I have posted shots of this statue here before. I just really, really like this one. I love the little deer wrapped around the man's legs.

We were trying to figure out how to photograph this ball without our own likenesses showing on the ball itself. After five or six shots, we decided...who cares! I think the photo of the three of us is awesome!

I LOVE this shot of Kali! She thinks it's creepy :).
And, of course, these last two shots are my favorites also :O). It's hard to pick just one favorite!


Nana said...

Love these shots. I especially like the ball with the reflections. Very cool.

Heidi Alfonzo said...

Hello Alice! Lovely to meet you and this gorgeous blog! I truly appreciate your visiting and will definitely welcome you again anytime! Have a wonderful new year!

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Good Day Alice, Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I have enjoyed your lovely photos and the post about your mom and her happiness with her "new" home and the great staff. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year.

Lisa said...

All of your photos are great, but the second to the last, is one of the most gorgeous flower photos I have seen in a while. Maybe it is because I am sitting here, freezing (heat is on 70, so it is me) with a hood on my head, but looking at those beautiful petals makes me smile. I love flowers.

Kelli said...

I'm glad you joined in the fun! I enjoyed a peek through your past year!

Jules said...

I love your photos. You've taken some really great ones. I love taking pictures of wildlife upclose too. It is amazing how God put such little details into His Handiwork. THanks for sharingand for stopping by my site!

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