Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dinosaurs For Dinner

Kali and I visited Downtown Disney this past week. When we there in October, this dinosaur building was under construction, so we were excited to see it was now open for business. We walked over to the entrance, not knowing what to expect. What we didn't expect was a cool restaurant and store. Check out these shots.

The ceiling in the restaurant was cool. The huge, animated coral reef creatures were beautiful. The sun and planets covered the ceiling in the store.
The restaurant was divided into different seating areas. These are just a few of the animated dinosaurs that were on display. Think "Rain Forest Cafe gone Prehistoric" and you get the idea. In fact, this restaurant is at the opposite end of Downtown Disney from the Rain Forest Cafe. Our guess is that they are owned by the same people.
How cool is this? Build-a-Bear has a 'Build-a-Dino' in the back of the store. What a gold-mine! All they sell are dinosaurs. They look really interesting in clothes and wigs - hehehe :O). Stephanie, you and Dayna need to take your boys on down for a visit!


JanMary said...

We only have Build-a-Bear here, my 4 year old son would love Build-a-dino!

Great that you can visit Disney often.

Thanks for visiting my blog in N Ireland.

Lora said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by to see my Christmas tree:) I've enjoyed my visit here. I had to comment on this post b/c we visited a T-Rex in Kansas City this past spring and had so much fun. My son is really into dinos right now and my kiddos had the best time! Glad you did, too!

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