Monday, January 12, 2009

Going on Hiatus

This year Kali got involved with a group called Communicators For Christ. One of their goals is to teach Christian young men and women how to speak about what they believe - to anyone - under any circumstances. We joined a CFC speech and debate chapter in a nearby town and have been extremely active. Tomorrow, Kali and I will be flying to Austin, Texas, where we will be attending a Masters Conference for nine days. Learning, and applying, speech and debate tactics. Kali's majors will be apologetics and interpretation. She will also hopefully be singing "Why?" by Nicole Nordemann in a talent show next week. We will be gone a total of two weeks. We will not have access to a computer while we are gone, so it will be two weeks before you see me back here online.

This is Kali's speech group - the Red Team - at their finest.

Almost at their finest.
And, being their normal silly selves.

And, this is one of our speech and debate buddies from Orlando. He really lightens up the day :O).
See you in two weeks. Alice


Lisa Ann said...

Have a wonderful time.

Wife and Mom said...

I cannot imagine two weeks away from my computer but it would probably do me a world of good to be honest. Praying for you and Kali and a safe trip. Take pictures of course!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and productive trip. God bless you both.

Nana said...

Have a wonderful trip and Congrats Kali. Great opportunity. Be safe and have fun.

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