Thursday, April 1, 2010

North Carolina Qualifier Results

Kali and I came to North Carolina this past Sunday to register for the state NCFCA Qualifier.

For those of you are new to my blog, the NCFCA is the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association. It is a competition league for homeschooled students in a couple forms of debate and in ten different types of speech. Kali is all about speech and debate. Our region is comprised of four states, North Carolina being one of them. The top students at the end of each qualifier are then invited to regional competition. From there they move on to national competition, if they are invited.

This was Kali's third state qualifier for this season. There were 199 student competitors. Kali did very well here in North Carolina. She broke and competed all the way to quarter-finals in Lincoln Douglas Value Debate where they debate values. This year's resolution involves competition vs. cooperation and which one is the superior route to excellence.

So, here in North Carolina, this is what Kali accomplished:

1) she debated up through the quarter-final round and finished at 8th place in Lincoln Douglas Value Debate.

2) she took twelth place in speaker points for debate.

3) she broke to semi-finals with her dramatic interpretation of an Irish folk tale, The Story of the Half Blanket.

4) she broke to semi-finals in impromptu, a category where you are given 3 topics, you pick one on the spot, and you have two minutes to prepare a five minute speech on that topic which you then give, on the spot, to the judges.

This was our 3rd qualifier this year. So far, when we go for regional competition next month, Kali will be competing in duo interpretation, dramatic interpretation, impromptu, and LD value debate.

Next week, the Georgia State Qualifier where Kali hopes to qualify in Original Oratory and Thematic Interpretation!


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