Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Great Wedding Shot

So. I am in the middle of editing literally hundreds of photos. Kali and I shot a friend's wedding recently and those are the shots I'm working on right now. I just had to stop and post this one picture that Kali got. When we do a wedding, she focuses on detail work like shoes, rings, dresses, and decorations, while I work with the bride and the wedding party. I love this photo Kali got of Tara and Keith's rings! I love everything about it! The tight focus on the rings and some of the beads, and the fading out/blurring of everything else. The colors and bokeh are perfect - way to go, Kali! Lots more to come soon!


Melissa Weisbard said...

Awesome! I'll be photographing a wedding in May and another in June. I've only photographed one other wedding so I'm a bit nervous. Any suggestions?

Kelly said...

great pic!! very colorful!

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