Thursday, November 13, 2008

Through the Noise

This past week, Kali and I attended a Communicators For Christ conference. It was Kali's second and my first. We spent four incredible days listening to, and participating in, speech and debate training. Kali was able to compete in a practice tournament and did very well. Our training was led by a group of twelve interns, graduates of the program, so-to-speak. They were all 17 or 18 years of age. Their knowledge and experience was vast. I was in awe everytime they took the stage, whether for a mock debate, to make announcements (whoot!-whoot!), to do an interpretive rendition of an old man golfing or of Dr. Seuss's The Places You'll Go, an improptu speech with only 2 minutes preparation, and a host of other things. Can anyone say "IPIA Hippias?"

On Friday night, the interns presented to the students and the community. Their presentation was entitled, Through the Noise. It was interpretive in nature and included all twelve of the interns. The focus was this. As Christians, we all face a lot of noise in our world. Things that deter us in our mission. Things that try to pull us away from God. Things that try to make us forget what we are here for. Things that separate us, and keep us from the one true God...if we let them. It's all about how we work through the noise, with our eyes on God, and stay focused, serving Him. All these photos were taken in a dark auditorium, from about 10-15 yards away, with no flash. Hopefully the quality is good enough that you can get the idea of the program :). The above photo is from the opening scene.

As children, playing in the giant's personal garden.

Sorry, but this my favorite scene from the night - lol! This intern was playing a French character. She got stabbed and her line was, "I am mortally wounded!" This was her death scene. It is probably my favorite memory from the entire week!

A closing shot of the entire intern cast, along with one of the leaders of CFC. Interns: you all did a marvelous job - every day! God has surely blessed your efforts, and will continue to do so. Thank you for your hard work and your patience with each of us students. I hope we get to study under your teaching again some day. You guys rock!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's a really good thought, that we are so distracted by the world. It's so easy to push more important things aside, when really, that is why we're here.

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