Saturday, February 7, 2009

It Was a Capitol Day

On our last day in Austin, we spent some time at the Texas State Capitol Building. It was a beautiful and "stately" place. Here are my favorite shots from that visit.

Remember I mentioned in an earlier post that many of the trees were dead for the season? Here's a view of the Capitol through the branches.
Kali is on streetside in front of the building. The lawns were gorgeous.
In the rotundra. Those are people on each level.
If you click on it, the above photo will go to full screen. This is a straight up shot - looking up at the dome in the ceiling. In full screen you can read the name "Texas" around the center star.
There was a demonstration - a peaceful one - happening on the steps of the Capitol Building. There were signs, speeches, music, scripture readings - all in favor of peace for Israel and Palestine. We got to see pretty much the whole demonstration, as they marched up the front sidewalks to the building just in front of us, as we were going in.
There's Kali to the right of the cannon.
I have no idea what this statue has to do with anything Texan. I just love old statues and it was there.
As I was taking this photo, I realized Kali didn't look as chipper as usual. The severe temperature changes during our stay gave Kali a heck of a cold. Our day got cut short and we soon headed back to the hotel...after this next shot.
Then back to the hotel for a hot shower and rest. Kali was like - aren't you tired of taking pictures yet??? No, not really. Sorry.


Rick said...

Alice, you are very funny.


P.S. You ain't a bad photographer either.

Gattina said...

Very interesting tour for me ! and very nice pictures !

Nana said...

Very cool pictures. Love the shot of the ceiling staight up.

Anonymous said...

Love that third photo. Reminds me of one I took of the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. If you're curious, search my blog for it. We seem to have the same tastes!

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