Monday, February 9, 2009

Warming Things Up

We've had several days of freezing cold weather with temps down in the 20's at nighttime. Now, I know for some of you that's nothing, but to us - that's a big deal. The past two days have brought warmer temps and a chance to get out of the house a bit, along with beautiful sunsets. The top two photos were literally taken about 5 minutes apart. I shot in one direction to catch the moon between the trees, then turned and waited for the sunset shot over the lake. The last photo was taken last night. For those of you living near here, this was taken on Speedville Road. I didn't realize there was a "dirt plant" up behind there. I drove down this little dirt drive as far as the "POSTED: No Trespass" sign and took a few quick pictures. Hopefully Mark won't ask where I was.


JanMary said...

Merci for the award! I will put it on my blog when I get home. Another great day at the parks, and another Buzz ride :)

We fly home tomorrow evening.

Beautiful photos.

FeeBeeKay said...

What gorgeous pictures Alice - really lovely! Blessings to you all!


Whitney said...

These are great! I'm happy about the warmer weather! We live in FL for a reason! :)

Lisa Ann said...

Beautiful pics. I hope your weather warms up soon. Ours has been much warmer than it should be. Crazy winter.

Sweet Nothings said...

Beautiful pictures!

Nana said...

These pictures are beautiful. I too am SO glad it is warming up. I don't think Florida should ever get as cold as it has been.

Wife and Mom said...

These are great Alice. Nice job.

BECKY said...

Wow, Alice!! Great pictures! Hope the freezes are over...I hear the beach calling my name!!

Hope you have a joyful week!

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