Friday, February 20, 2009

Lots of Babies

We recently visited the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. They are ranked among the top three zoos in the United States. After spending four hours there, I can certainly see why. Beautiful animals, lots of babies, and gorgeous landscaping. Here are some of our favorite babies at the zoo. Above, a Bornean Orangutan and her mom. I loved the way the mom is cradling the baby in her palm and the baby is holding on. I think someone needs a hairbrush - lol.

This Asian White Tiger had twin cubs. They were sleeping in the back corner of a glassed-in enclosure. Later during our visit, the mom got a little scary when the zookeepers removed the twins for whatever reason. You could hear the mom roaring and she kept pacing the enclosure. She would go up to the viewing windows and bang on them with her head, angry as could be. Not cool.
A baby African Elephant. So cute! We watched the elephants while we ate lunch in one of the sit-down-inside-the-air-conditioning restaurants.
Pygmy hippos. They mostly stayed underwater. The baby couldn't hold its breath as long as the mom, so we got to see the baby's nose and ears a bit more than the mother's.
A couple days ago, I posted the first shot of the wallby and baby as a preview. I have to say I didn't believe my eyes at first when I saw the baby. The mom stood up and stretched and this little pink dot popped out of her tummy. Then she hopped away. I followed her with the camera and waited patiently. I got 5-6 good photos as a reward for patience :O). I told my daughter that not many people ever get to see this. It was really wonderful and exciting! Remember you can see the photos full-screen just by clicking on them.
My daughter loved the little Angolan Black and White Colobus baby and mother. They were really entertaining as they ran back and forth and swung around their area. I loved their color contrast. Fun little guys. I probably took 30 or more pictures of them. You know how I am.
And, since you know me so well, I leave you with one last photo. Love it! And, so true!


Sweet Nothings said...

The animal babies are so cute! Thanks for sharing! I grew up in Southern California and was fortunate to visit the San Diego Zoo numerous times! It's so fun to see all the animals!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Ann said...

Great shots! I love going to the zoo but don't get to one often.

Nana said...

These pictures are great. I also grew up in So. Calif. The San Diego Zoo is good. Also went to the zoo in Colorado. It was good too. I love all the baby animals.

Gattina said...

What an adorable post ! Just perfect with my morning coffee ! thanks !

Gattina said...

What an adorable post ! Just perfect with my morning coffee ! thanks !

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing your trip to the zoo.


Patti said...

Thanks, Alice!
When we lived in SA we had a family zoo pass & would go in the mornings (Stan's schedule you know) with the kids (yea homeschooling!) then picnic in the park. Good memories - but few good pictures. Glad you enjoy your camera!

Cass said...

Babies. There is nothing better, anywhere! Of any species. The Kangaroo shot is amazing. . . you could work for National Geographic! Wonderful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them!


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