Friday, October 14, 2011

I Feel My Allegiances Slipping

Several months ago I made a promise on facebook that I was going to do whatever I could to ensure that we have a new president sitting in the White House after the election. I was leaning towards supporting Rick Perry, and may still do that, but I haven't really been impressed with him of late.

I have begun to follow Herman Cain and really like what I'm hearing - so far. I was happy to see this comic in my inbox today. Lisa Benson is probably my favorite political cartoonist. She's pretty spot-on most of the time. I'm continuing to listen and research and read, as I work towards a decision of who I will campaign for. As the time is working its way towards us, please keep this in mind :)


Nana said...

I am with you Alice. I have liked Herman Cain since the very first time I heard him speak. I thought I liked Rick Perry until I heard him speak and what he stands for. However, WHOEVER gets the nomination for the GOP I will support because ANY of them is better than what we have. I am hoping it will be Herman Cain, or even Romney. I am not in total agreement with Romney, but I want WHOEVER can beat obama. If I had my choice it would be Cain/Rubio. I think they would be awesome. I guess time will tell who gets the nomination, but I really like those 2 because they stand for what they believe and not what is politically correct. If Ron Paul got the nomination I am not sure I could support him though. I think he is close to being an idiot.

Alice said...

hahahaha! irene, you are the best!

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