Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So Long to Debby!

These are my new feed-the-horses-in-the-monsoon boots!
(Not a good quality picture - sorry - taken with my phone.) We needed to get hay to the horses, so we headed out. What a production! The first thing we noticed is that the road is still a major mess! See the pond where these teens are swimming? That's our road and they are standing up.
Thank the good Lord for our tractor! We were able to travel off-road to get a roll of hay in. Mark only lost the roll off the back of the tractor once - in the road :). Thankfully I was no longer standing on the side of the tractor at that point, because the front of the tractor lifted off the ground as the roll of hay splashed into the river! Uh, road!
The entrance to the fields is still under water, but it isn't quite as deep as it was yesterday. It is starting to receed.
And the front pasture is still under water, although not as deep :).
And in some spots it isn't horrible :).
This is the "higher ground" we moved the horses to. Normally the donkeys have full reign of this area, now all of the animals are housed in this field.
It is always safe to assume that Sawyer is thrilled to see food in any shape, form, or variety! What an awesome picture I got with my phone! I am still afraid to take my nice camera - and good thing when I almost got pitched into the river - uh, road - when we lost the roll of hay!
All in all, a very hopeful day! It didn't rain today - yay!!! The sun was shining for part of the day! The horses are fed, we didn't lose the tractor down a mudhole, and my fancy new boots kept my feet dry! Great day!!! Now, if our friends in Colorado could fare as well. 

Lifting prayers for the Sieberts, Yuens, Rutkowskis, Greens, Craddocks, Schlichtings, Jeubs, Hagoods, and Steve Warren! Several have been evacuated. We are hearing conflicting stories about the house of one family. Praying for safety and a quick end to the fires!


donna ham said...

alice ....
that is a lot of water!
thanks for the pictures ... and your sweet reminder to continue praying for relief in colorado. so much fire ... and such hard fire fighting.

so glad your animals have the higher ground!


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