Thursday, August 14, 2008

Does Anyone Know What This Flower Is Called???

Does anyone know what this flower is called? They are blooming outside my mom's dentist office here in Florida. I had never seen them before last week, now they are probably my favorite flower. They are so pink! and they are really soft. On this trip the rain had just about destroyed them. This was the best one we could find. It was under a truck - lol - and we had to halfway crawl under the truck to get the flower so we could take a picture, or two or five, of it.


Patti said...

My Ace guy Jacob verifies it's the flower from a powder puff momosa. I have a couple & had looked up the blooms before.
Great photos!

Alice said...

Excellent! I didn't think about Jacob - lol. Kali calls it a Horton Hears a Who Flower because it looks like the one in the movie.

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