Thursday, August 28, 2008

Praise Team Gets Ready For New Year

The new school year has begun. With that, comes a new year of planning. On Wednesday nights, our sessions are usually opened with music led by the Praise Team. They met with Mr. Owen a couple nights ago and started preparing music for the new year. We have a lead guitar player, a bass player, a drummer, Mr. Owen plays keyboards, and we have three vocalists at this time.

They started out with pizza and sodas. Of course :) .

Then they started discussing what songs they wanted to work on this year. Mr. Owen looked music up on his laptop and the young man above looked favorite songs up on his ipod. He is one of our vocalists.

I do not post names of other people's children here on my blog, sorry. As a retired law enforcement officer it goes against the grain to do so. You will find the name of my daughter on here from time to time, but not the names of anyone else's children. With that said, the young man above is our lead guitar player and he is really doing a great job. Over the last year he has learned a lot and is really developing his skills. You should hear him and the drummer jamming when they have time. They are really quite good.

Everyone was suggesting songs for the year. The fellow on the right is the awesome drummer.

These shots were taken inside our cafe. On Wednesdays, the youth have access to the Legacy Cafe before and after the service.

Listening to instruction.

These are the vocalists. My daughter is on the right :) They did a great job practicing some new songs. They really picked out some good praise and worship material for the year. Their first session leading worship will be in two weeks. I will try to post some new shots of them then.


Wife and Mom said...

Loved looking at these and not to mention my handsome guy. I am looking forward to their new year leading in worship. I finally got my camera figured out in those darker situations so now I can actually take a real picture in there. It only took 8 months. haha

Alice said...

Good. You can explain it me, maybe?

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