Monday, August 4, 2008

My Mom's Place

Several of you ask on a regular basis about my mom - how she is doing in her new home and how she is holding up after my dad's death. The answer to both of those questions is ... she is doing great. Mom is staying in an assisted living residence and loves it there. At the end of her hallway is a little sitting area with a really incredible view. That's what these pictures show. I really like the reflection in the water in the shot above. The geese live in this pond and walk around the grounds honking at people, which is pretty much why their pictures got taken this day - they wouldn't quit honking at me.

Just outside her door, is a sitting area with benches and flowers, then the lake is right in front of her. She likes to sit and watch the geese and the ducks play.

The geese swim across the pond, then come up on the bank and start rubbing in the grass. When they are finished, there are a bunch of tiny feathers on the lawn.

Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? It was tiny, and very soft. I put one in the car to bring home for Kali and it totally dissolved in the heat. That was weird, considering it grew outside where it was close to 100 degrees anyway.

The grounds are landscaped beautifully. Mom really loves it there and I can see why. It's like living in a garden :).


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