Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fay is Gone :-D~

We lost power within minutes of my last posting. At our house, that also means we have no water. By nighttime, it was unbelievably hot in the house and Jason was feeling sick. Mark elected to stay home and take care of animals (19 total), and sent the kids and me off to a local hotel. After being at the hotel a couple days, we got bored and Kali started shooting pictures. Here are a couple:

Some really unpleasant color of paint on the walls.

At least my camera is entertaining.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We came home this morning and there are leaves, twigs, branches, sand, and dirt everywhere. No damage, thankfully. I mentioned the kittens in my last post. When we got home, all the kittens were here and well. Here are some pictures of them.

Waiting to jump on a brother or sister...

...only to get jumped on herself :-D~

You've heard the term, "a face only a mother could love?" Well, here you go :-D~

This was my favorite shot. Two weeks old.


Wife and Mom said...

Your kitties are so sweet. (but not sweet enough for me to get another . . . . :)

Alice said...

too bad! we could seriously hook you up :-D~

Patti said...

Rachel was disappointed we did NOT lose electricity.
"When we lose electricity we do more things together like playing board games and dominoes instead of just watching TV and playing on the computer."
She didn't say "and doing school" there at the end, but I have a feeling...
Glad you are back up running & cool.

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