Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cooking in Sharpsburg

Recently we spent a weekend with my sister-in-law's family. Family ... food...good times. And it had been cold, so Jonathan had the cook stove burning for heat.

I think he had two grills going. Can't you just feel the heat from this picture?

Hamburgers, hot dogs, some kind of sausage ... yummo!

This little guy provided the entertainment :). . .

. . . along with this girl, Daisy. She fetched the tennis ball probably a hundred times that afternoon. She never got tired!

And then there was Sasha . . .

. . . who did indeed get tired.

Family time is wonderful! This is my 'sister'. I love her!

Her wonderful husband :). (He is incredibly funny! Such a great sense of humour!)

And my beautiful niece!

My husband :).

My daughter. The weather was beautiful - as you can clearly see in these photos.

Our host for the day - thanks, Jonathan! The food was great and we had a wonderful visit with you and your son. We loved your home and your great outdoors :).

Kali's birthday weekend. It was fun, enjoyable, and relaxing. Love you, guys!


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