Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Road Home

Heading home shortly from South Carolina. Slept in a bit in hopes I'll be able to stay awake for the ride home. That would be helpful since I am driving.

Great time at the after-party at Fuddrucker's last night. I left my camera in the car and just enjoyed myself eating with some of the moms and hanging out, encouraging students. This is really one huge family - our speech and debate family.

Heading home to say happy birthday to Mark today. Time to relax a little. Then it's to work editing, editing, editing all the pictures I took here. Then Sunday we head out again - for North Carolina! Hope to spend some time with my blog-friend Lisa Ann near Winston-Salem! (Lisa Ann - I still need to send you an email with my schedule, we just finalized part of it last night.)

Students - relax today and enjoy the Lord's Day, even if you are traveling. Then, you have a few days to sharpen up those cases and tighten up those speeches, then it's on to NC!


Nana said...

Have a safe trip back.

BECKY said...

Just had to pop by to tell you that I was thinking about ya and love ya, Alice! Praying you're back safe and sound!! Have a great week!!


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