Friday, March 19, 2010

From Columbia, South Carolina

Kali and I are here in South Carolina for the NCFCA Speech and Debate qualifier. If you "break" at a qualifier, you receive an invitation to compete at the regional tournament. There are 225 students here trying to do just that - break and qualify. Yesterday they went through 4 rounds of debate and 1 round of speeches. I watched Kali and her partner do their duo - an interpretation of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. They did an incredible job! They get to do 2 more rounds of debate today, as well as another round of speeches. Later in the day, the tournament officials will announce speech breaks to semi-finals, and start debate octa-finals. It will be a busy, high-action filled day! If you get a minute, please pray for our 225 kids participating here - that they will do their very best and that in all God will be glorified! Love you!


Chris Jeub said...

Make us proud. Go get em!

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