Sunday, October 3, 2010

Local Art Show - Part 1

This weekend, a nearby city is having a serious art show. Not your typical arts and crafts show like we have here in our smaller community, but a full-fledged honest-to-goodness art show. So, what did I see there? Well, these two photos are of my favorite find at the art show :).
So sweet! Just walking around talking to people, and believe me - a lot of people wanted to talk to this lady!
Now, no offense to the artist, but this was by far and away the ugliest thing I've seen lately. At the art show - or anywhere else. I don't get the point. At all. If there is one.
Mannekin hands, feathers, and pvc pipes. Art? I think not. It's almost an insult to the serious artists that were there. More pictures to come in Part 2. Pictures of some serious artistry.


JillY said...

I love the God Art (lemur!). Did you exhibit any of your photography???

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness!! That would have been a really fun thing to see!!! Thanks for sharing your link! Beautiful pictures!!!

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