Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Regent University - A Surprise Find

Tonight as I was driving through the heart of Regent University, here in Virginia, I was astonished to see two beautiful animals walk across the lawn alongside my car. At first I thought they were huge cats, but noticed their noses were long and pointy. Too much so for a cat. Once I drove past and the sun was no longer glaring into my eyes, I noticed they were foxes. I pulled off the side of the road and let down the passenger window. One of the foxes slipped through the opening in the gate and took off. This one just stood and watched me for awhile. He was about 25 yards away, I zoomed in as far as I could to get this shot, then enlarged it. That explains the graininess of the shot. He finally turned, stepped through the side of the gate, and sauntered off to find his friend. A faculty member told me it was not unheard of to see a fox on campus. I heard from someone else that there were a group of 6 of them walking through campus early this morning. Really just very beautiful!


Kelly said...

wow! That's so cool! He's so pretty! What are you guys doing in VA?

Alice said...

kelly -we are in virginia for the Institute For Cultural Communicators National Convention. kali is teaching here with the intern team she will be traveling with starting next month :)

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