Thursday, June 19, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary. (Yes, I know we don't look anything like the two people in the above picture, but I promise - it is Mark and me.) It doesn't seem like it's been that long since we got married in my parent's living room with just family members present. My best friend Marcia was my maid of honor and Mark's best friend John was the best man. My nephews lit the candles and my dad walked me down the hallway, into the living room. Very simple, and personal, just like I wanted. My sister made the wedding cake. It was beautiful. I remember the boys running around to all the grocery stores buying up the kind of frosting Judy wanted for the cake. She also made these little mint-type things with the frosting. Mark's dad tape recorded the ceremony. I think I still have the tape around here somewhere. Then we had a reception and a lot of friends from church showed up to wish us well. I remember we went skiing the day before and I was basically sunburnt to a crisp. In many of the photographs you can actually see burnt skin. Not good. And for some reason I bought these shoes I saw in a magazine and they had like 4" heels on them. My feet were killing me. I did the whole reception bare-footed :) Mark just went along with everything and was great about it.
Well, in those 25 years, we have moved once into the house we live in now. We have gone through 4 pregnancies and delivered two healthy babies, which are Jason and Kali. We have both retired from our law enforcement jobs and are enjoying our children while they still live with us. Family, church, homeschool and 4-H keeps our lives filled with lots of activities. Our love as a couple, and as a family, has continued to grow each year. As long as we remember to keep God at the center of our lives and the leader of our decisions, everything works well. Mark signed one of my anniversary cards "thanks for the first 25 years!" Here's praying God grants us at least 25 more.


Wife and Mom said...

Wow! I see Kali a lot in that picture of you Alice. Congratulations on "your first twenty-five years!" Love you guys a lot!

Wife and Mom said...

Bythe way, found a neat company at that will take your blog and put in into a hardback book. I'm sure there are many companies that do this but this is my plan pretty soon for a first installment.

Alice said...

awesome! that sounds great, I'll keep it in mind and I'll check out their page. the kids will be home tonight :)

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