Saturday, June 7, 2008


This is Emeli. She is four years old and lives in Peru with her parents. She is our "adopted" daughter through Compassion International. Emeli is in kindergarten and enjoys activities at her church.
We have written Emeli twice and we just got our first letter from her. Her teacher helped her write the letter since she is only four. Emeli is well loved by everyone at her school and in her community. Her favorite color is yellow and she like to eat fish and rice. She likes playing with balloons with her cousins, she likes to roll a hoop, play hide and seek, and make art projects. We are allowed to send her paper gifts no bigger than 8 1/2" x 11". We sent her stickers, coloring pages, and watercolor paper. Do you have any ideas for any other paper gifts we could send?
Isn't she beautiful? Emeli has asked that we pray for her dad, mom, and grandparents to accept Jesus like she has. Would you please pray for her and her family?


Rachel Marie said...

We have a little girl named Kimberly that we support thru Compassion! It is so exciting when we get a letter or picture from her. :)

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