Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's been a rough past week. Some of you know that I get vertigo from time to time and usually when I get it, I get a bad case. Well, this past week hasn't been as bad as some, but it was bad enough that I ended up at the hospital - twice - and was admitted for a couple days. Demerol and lots of sleep have gotten me fairly stabilized. After blood work, a cat scan, and an MRI, it was determined that I would get to enjoy vertigo off and on for the rest of my life - probably - since there is no cure for it, what a thrill to hear that :( Thankfully Mark and Jason were off work and were able to get Kali to where she needed to be, and keep taking care of the zoo of animals we have here at home.

I stopped the demerol two days ago, and drove to church today. It was good to be there. My daughter sang a solo tonight and, as usual, it always touches my heart to hear her sing. She has such a beautiful, clear voice and she loves God so much. It really shows in her music. Her goal is to be a professional Christian singer. She wants to study vocal performance at Boyce College in Kentucky. In my mind I can already see her there. God has been so good to us. Even in my sickness this past week, I could feel God keeping me close and helping me through. Thanks for all the prayers you guys lifted up in behalf of me and my family. We love you!

I am going to try to attach a photograph of Kali at Boyce during our visit there recently.


Wife and Mom said...

I'm glad you are making it though Alice. I also loved all you said about Kali. She is a precious girl and I can see her up there already too. The only problem is that "we" won't be there too. sigh.

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