Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go Tell - Toccoa Falls, Georgia

For the past week, many of the students at our church have been away for Go Tell Camp at Toccoa Falls, Georgia. They just got home last night and my daughter showed me the photographs she took. I have posted my favorite ones here. There were a lot of decisions made at camp. The first photo is of our youth pastor, sitting by the beautiful lake doing his morning devotions. The best way to start any day. The next photo is of my daughter with Rev./Dr. Jimmy Scroggins. We met him at Boyce College when we went for a family preview weekend. When he saw Kali at Go Tell, he called her out by name - recognizing her from Boyce. We really, really like him :) Then there are a couple more photos of the lake and some beautiful flowers there - I believe they are hydrangeas. And, the last is a "mom" photo - because I always take pictures of what we had to eat - random, I know, and probably crazy, oh well...


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