Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Couple More Things For Today ...

I wanted to add a couple more pictures today before I quit for the night. (I actually got a lot accomplished today.) Kali and I were out in the yard the other day - playing around with my camera. I am trying to get better. I know I don't understand about light and many other things, but I am starting to understand that outdoor shots look better if taken before 10 AM, after 4 PM, or during a rain :). I don't know if this is technically true, but it seems to work for me. Here are a couple I took of Kali.

There was another one of Kali that I really, really liked, but she didn't, so I can't post it :( I promised.

I know several of you have already seen this in a layout. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of my son, Jason. His favorite characters at Disney are Chip and Dale. We got this shot at the Polynesian Hotel, during O'Hana - a character breakfast.

And, this is the last photo for today. I took this two nights ago, as we were headed out to meet the boys for dinner. We pulled off the Brooklyn Bridge and shot this looking back over our shoulders, out the window of the car. I got several good shots as the sun sank below the trees, the others are probably better, but this is the one I liked best.


Wife and Mom said...

You are correct about the light. They call those hours the "golden hours" for that reason. Your pictures are wonderful and I am inspired by looking at them. FYI: It seems that my kids will allow YOU to snap away on them so please remember that I am counting on you to document this stage in their lives! hahahaha

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