Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HL Quarter Horses Farm

This is where Luna came from. We went out to visit two days ago. We went to meet Luna and see if we wanted her (what's not to want? she's beautiful! and sweet!) and were happily surprised with all the animals Judy and Helmet have. They were everywhere - literally!

Gorgeous birds. Many, many birds. So many varieties :).

I had never seen a white peacock before.
I didn't know there were such things as white peacocks!

And this is Smokey. Beautiful and soft and loves to be rubbed!

There were two miniature donkeys that I looked at. (Neither are in this photo.) Their moms are in this picture, as well as a tiny little jack. (For you non-donkey folks that's a male donkey.) And a beautiful pony that belongs to the granddaughters :).

Kali took this picture. I think that's the little jack off to the left-hand side of the picture by himself.

She also got this shot. I think it's the best she's taken so far!

Who wouldn't love this face?!? We call him a mashed-potato dog, because he's so fluffy and white! I can't recall his breed name, but he is a guard dog for the other animals. I think this particular one is a pet during the day, and by night he roams and protects the horses and other animals at HL Quarter Horses. Scary looking, no?

This is what he really looks like :). He was my buddy there. He'll walk up, put a paw on your leg, and wait until you start petting him. If you stop before he's finished, he'll stick that paw back on your leg again - lol!

I just liked this angle on the shot - those are some pretty impressive horns!

Kali took these last 3 shots. This is Patches - she was Kali's buddy on this trip :).

That would be a miniature donkey eye close-up shot! One of my favorite shots to take :).

And this beautiful peacock just roams around the property. Kali got a great picture of him.

These are just some of the many animals at HL Quarter Horses. Obviously, you can tell from their name that there are horses there - a bunch of them. Quarter horses and show horses. It started storming though, so we didn't really get any good pictures of them. They also raise miniature cows with horns - they are called zebus and are sooo cute. Tiny and gray with pointy little horns! Sweet! I hope to go back one day and take some real photos at HL Quarter Horses, that would be a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon. I'd love it!


Mrs Soup said...

Great shots! Could do without the peacocks though....*shudders* So pretty but annoying as heck.

Those donkeys are so cute! LOVE the first picture though.

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