Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome Luna

I got a new baby this week. Here you see Gus checking out the trailer. He knows something is in there, you just can't see it through the windows. (That shadow - is Mark and Rascal.)

And here she is. Luna is a miniature donkey. She's 15 weeks old and about 27 inches tall. Short enough that she can walk under the horse divider in our trailer :).

Rascal was really curious. All the horses were, but Rascal more than the others.

You can really tell a bit of the size difference here. Mark is taking Luna into the field with the other minis.

We put her in with Mona and Hershey. Mona was fine with Luna, but Hershey took off running to start with.

Luna immediately took to Mona. She wanted to nurse. She followed Mona around in circles trying to convince her - lol!

Isn't she beautiful?

Mona was like, "can I just get a break already?!?"

And Rascal kept thinking he was her momma. He's always been protective of the mini-donkeys.

The donkeys do have some good sized ears on them - lol!

This is our neighbor. She loves our animals as much as we do!

Apparently Luna loves her, too, because she gave us such a big smile :)!

Welcome, little one!


Bridgette said...

Welcome Luna! I LOVE the pictures by the way!!!

Nana said...

Oh so cute. You are really getting some special animals out there. Can't wait to ocme see them sometime.

Mrs Soup said...

Welcome Luna!

I wanna be your neighbor and love on your animals too!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Great, great pictures! Luna is such a cutie. Your "ranch" looks like such a fun and happy place - for the people and the animals.

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