Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pet Edit

Original photo. I took this picture a couple days ago during a hands-on portion of a class I taught on pet photography. I've been working with a group of wonderful homeschool students this fall. We've been studying the basics of photography. On this particular Monday we studied pets and animals in general. Several of the students brought pets to be our models. This sweet little puppy belongs to one of the students.
All the students know to watch for background distractions, but due to the circumstances of our shoot, some distractions were necessary. I used photoshop for my edits. I brightened, I sharpened, and I used brushes to take out the owner's legs and shoes in the background. This is a relatively new technique that I am trying to perfect and I am happy with the way it really makes the animal stand out. What do you think?


donna said...

nice work!
so glad you are sharing your skills with students!! they are blessed to have you!!

Caseybumpinalong said...

I think: I would love it if you would come teach a photography class to my homeschoolers (and me!)!

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