Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dead in the Water

Just a note to let you know I am still dead in the water here, so to speak. The rains have finally left us. The end of our driveway was completely washed away by the continual pounding of the storms this past week. We can't get our cars back in the drive at all and are waiting on the county to come out and remedy the situation.

I also want to tell you to watch out for a pop-up box called WinPC Antivirus. This is actually a virus itself and will shut your computer down in a hurry. I am now without my desktop and my laptop - both of them. I was on Facebook both times, so you won't be seeing me there for awhile. Both computers are with a technician (thank you Owen) who is trying to repair them. Hopefully he will be able to. I am on Mark's laptop now, can't believe he let me use it. Sorry, Pam, I can't work on photos when I don't have a computer. So, I have revamped all our homeschool records in the meantime :O). Kali is not amused. Hope to be back online soon.


Toni said...

so sorry to hear that, we had a virus lastyear that wipedout my whoel system and we lost a lot of stuff, it even destroyed our back up.

Hope your driveway gets fixed soon.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Thanks for the heads up. I blogged within the last several weeks about having to straighten out my brother's computer--and he got struck a second time after that. Not. Any. Fun.

Sounds like you've had even more rain than we have here. ICK. I just came up from the basement and didn't notice we had seepage until I stepped in it barefoot. Double ick. I hope they get your road repaired soon so you don't have to keep hiking to your vehicles.

Wife and Mom said...

Oh yuck Alice! I did not know that you were having fatal problems! I have had some problems in the computer area too lately but after much grief I am almost back up and running. I will certainly look forward to seeing your photos once you are back up. Owen is awesome and I could not have made it without his help many times.

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