Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hijacked Blog :o)

I know that all of Alice's blog readers know this beautiful face. It is the gorgeous Kali -- aka "one of my favorite models." I am Pam and I temporarily took over Alice's blog to test out some bigger pictures. Leave Alice a love note and let her know how you like the new, larger photos on her blog.



Alice said...

these are great, Pam! you have to teach me how to do this! i love the whiteness of the eyes and the matte feel to the photos. great job as always! we love you! and thanks for working on my blog :O)

~CC Catherine said...

These are stunning, and I love the size! Very NICE! THE lovely lady is precious! ~CC Catherine

Anonymous said...

good job! and kali is beautiful.

Sarahlcc♥ said...

I do like the large photos! I'm having issues with photobucket ~ I forgot to change the size when I imported the photos, so I went in and changed them later, but they didn't change when I posted them to my blog!?!? I like the large ones like yours, but I think mine may be too large.

I enjoy Dee Henderson! I just found her books! I'm sorry to hear she hasn't written any in 2 years. She has a gift for spiritual expression in her novels which is very encouraging.

Another writer I just rediscovered is Francine Rivers. I read the book Redeeming Love when I was quite a bit younger and it left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I recently read her trilogy set in Rome just after the Acts of the Apostles, and I thoroughly enjoyed the books. Perhaps I was just too young.

I popped on over a little worried since one of my SIL's had her facebook hacked this morning ~ but I'm glad to see the hijacker was someone you know!

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

Loving the pictures... Have a glorious and blessed day.

Loving thoughts... Jaime

Patti said...

Pam is hijacking all over the place! Don't you have enough to do, GF? LOL!
The photos do look great.
Note: I've been having trouble getting all the photos to upload from your two sites: Just get a little square photobucket for some of Pams. Just a blank where there should be a photo in Alice's.
Probably just slow PC on my end but you know, when I know there's a picture there, I just want to SEE it!

Nana said...

Great Pictures. You can hi-jack my blog anytime.

BECKY said...

Wowza!! These photos are awesome!!
And of course, Kali is beautiful as usual!!

Did she do this in Windows live? I have it but haven't done a test post yet!!

Alice, you are such a dear, and I want to thank you for all of your kind notes on my blog...what a treasure. My time has been limited so I haven't visited everyone like I had been, but I'm working on it!!

May your Friday and weekend be lovely, and full of joy!!
Love 'n hugs,

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Amazing pictures!!

Have a good weekend☺

daynagonzalez said...

I do like the larger photos...more detail...and Kali is a beautiful young lady. :o)

MCH said...

Hmmm, seems we are on the same blog template and I have not been able to figure out what Pam has. How????

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