Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i ♥ faces Paper Challenge


This week's photo challenge at i ♥ faces is . . . paper!
You can post any photo featuring paper in some form. It also must clearly contain a face :). I thought about a different photo I had of one of the interns with a notebook full of messed up paper scripts, but then remembered this shot I took at a speech and debate conference in North Carolina. This young man was patiently waiting while his mom judged a round and his sister competed. Tournaments usually last 3-4 days, so I was pretty impressed with how well this then five year old waited! Such a patient, and sweet, young man! Doesn't he just look like a grown-up in this picture - haha!
To check out all the other paper photos, or to enter one of your own, head on over to i ♥ faces here.


Anita Johnson said...

All this young man needs is wingtip shoes! Very cute!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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