Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dress Shopping For Homecoming

Homecoming at the high school is almost here. We home school, but Kali is allowed to go to the homecoming dance if someone from the school invites her. A group of the girls are going together, so we went shopping yesterday for a new dress. We hit five different stores, looked at a ton of dresses, and Kali narrowed them down to the five shown here. We each had a different favorite. The one Kali picked is very beautiful. We had not gone intending to take photos, but since the camera was in the car - we took advantage of it. We had a lot of fun. I can't tell you which dress she chose. You will just have to wait for homecoming pictures :). She also got some silver heels and a beautiful drop necklace to wear with it.

We have two friends from church who like to go to the mall and take pictures of the ugliest something - in this case we decided to do the ugliest shoes. Here are a couple shots of the ones I thought were the worst. If you happen to own any of these, don't worry, I am SURE they look wonderful on you :).


Nana said...

All these dresses are very pretty. My personal favorite is the pretty blue one she has on in the first picture. Can't wait to see which one she choose. said...

She sure looks regal in that red dress and wrap. But I think my favorite is the first one.

Oh, to have a cute little figure like that again...but then again, I wouldn't have my four little wonderful figure-wreckers. Not a chance I'd trade in the baby belly.

Looking forward to seeing which dress she chose. It's such a fun time in life!

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