Monday, October 27, 2008

Melrose Extras

These are a few additional photos I took along the street beside the rose garden. These were taken just after a rain, so the light was especially good. This road is so pretty and peaceful. Next to no auto traffic, but there was this lady with three huge german shepards - but that's another story :).


luke and wyatt's mom said...

OK-You can't just mention three German Shepards and NOT tell the story! :)

These photos are gorgeous!

Alice said...

Thanks! I love taking flower and tree shots. I love all the colors! The german shepards were interesting. I was walking back to the car, head down, reading glasses on and looking at photos on my camera - totally not paying attention to the road because there weren't any cars on it at all. All of a sudden I felt a whoosh!! and looked up and there were 3 huge german shepards on leashes coming at me, dragging an older lady along behind them. I sprinted for the car, jumped in and slammed the door, just as they made it to the car. Then the silly things started wagging their tails at me with their tongues hanging out - lol. I thought I was going to be their dinner :). Thankfully not.

Julieann said...

Your photos are striking!! Very nice.


Kelli said...

Gorgeous pictures...I love the flowers.

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