Friday, October 17, 2008

Tree Hunting Excursion

Mark manages a couple hunting leases not far from where we live. Recently, he has taken me to the camps twice. On the last visit, we were in my car, just passing through that area to get to a town on the other side, when he decided he needed to show me a couple trees at the camp. The next thing I know we are off road, driving through fields, pastures, and bushy terrain - in my jeep! I couldn't believe where he drove that car. I figured we would be calling Jason to come get us with the truck - lol. Anyway, what I found was the tree pictured above. I had never seen one covered in so much moss. All three photos are of the same tree, just from little different angles. It was pretty awesome! We were actually looking for a tree that has a huge eagle's nest in it. I thought I took some pictures of it, but I can't find them on my stick. I'm not real sure what that means. The eagles were out flying around, not close enough for pictures.

This was the other tree Mark wanted me to see. Look at the first photo. It appears the palm tree is growing amongst some oak trees. If you watch the photos, and walk yourself around the palm tree, you will see that the palm is actually growing up through the middle of the oak tree. It looks like the palm tree forced its way up through the center of the oak, splitting part of the oak off into different branches. In the last photo you can see how the palm and the oak have melded into one. In all these shots, the palm is the really tall, straight one in the middle. Pretty awesome! And to think, we risked flat tires, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, mosquitoes, wild hogs, snakes, and who knows what else, to see this awesome stroke of God's handiwork. Pretty impressive!

I just thought this tree looked nifty :).


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Your 'nifty tree' looks like the PERFECT climbing tree!! And good for a treehouse, too :)

BTW-Thanks for the BFF Award :)

Wife and Mom said...

I love how unique they all are and if I were a lot younger and thinner--I would climb them in a second.

SarahLCC said...

Of course! Come join me for My Favorite Things Monday! I know Kelli loves to have you for Show and Tell!

Linda C said...

Great pictures! God's handiwork all around:) Thanks for sharing:)
~Linda C

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