Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Forgotten Garden

(I posted this last night, but I am also going to make it my
post. My favorite things to photograph are flowers.
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Last year, Pam took Kali and I out on our first photo shoot. Across the road from where we were taking pictures, I spotted this gate. Upon further inspection, we found a rose garden. We hadn't thought much about it, until two days ago. Kali and I were in Melrose and we started driving the back roads, looking for the garden. It had just rained and was still sprinkling a bit. I got my camera out and we started walking through the gardens. We went back yesterday and took some more photos. Join me if you would, as I walk you through the garden we found.
The garden is enclosed with chicken wire. There are beautiful wooden gates at either end, and sitting benches just inside. It doesn't appear that this garden has been cared for in a long time. Many of the bushes seem to be dead. Kali had a great time wandering around. She found many interesting things in addition to the flowers.

I loved the bird baths. There were two.

I also like the way the rain drops stand on the flowers.

Kali found tags on the ground, some attached to flowers, and even one on the fence. The tags had various names on them.

The above is my favorite flower shot from the two days.

Kali liked this little guy. He was basically stuck inside the stump.

The next two photos show a beautiful sitting area, just inside the gates.

Kali had a great time walking and reading and looking.
Kali tried to clean out this bird bath. It was really uncared for.

There were old hoses, pipes attached to nothing, even one pipe that a tree had grown up and around, a broken wind chime, and a dog food bowl. It looked like someone had once taken care of this garden, but not recently. I told Kali we could go back and clip back the healthy roses and pick up the debris.
The view, the landscaping, and the living roses were all absolutely beautiful. I loved that it had just rained and everything had raindrops on it :). I might share more photos down the road. I hope you have enjoyed our walk through this forgotten garden.


Wife and Mom said...

It is so pretty seeing that place in bloom. Nice job.

Lisa said...

Wow, very beautiful! I love how the flowers seem to jump out at you in the photos. What a pretty place to come across. Thanks for sharing.

Patti said...

Beautiful as usual! What an artist you are, alice!

char72 said...

This is just like finding a "secret garden". Lovely interesting pictures.

SarahLCC said...

What a beautiful garden!

Carla said...

Wow! What a find! Those gates are incredible, and what a lovely girl to photograph! Love her looking through the gate, and the rose with her in the back ground. The rose photos are all beautiful! Something sad about a forgotten garden, isn't there? Thank you for sharing your find!

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