Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kali and I were headed into town and I was checking out all the yellow flowers, wishing there wasn't so much mud in the ditches so I could get up close and take some good shots. You know, I'm thinking ... mud, snakes, bugs, snakes, no way. Then, as we passed this section of flowers I noticed the American flag waving just beyond them. So, I whipped the car around and went back to see what I could do. Kali stayed in the car with the flashers on while I looked to see how close I could get. I had to walk back quite aways to get to a spot where I could jump across the muddy ditch. I did fine with that, but when I started taking pictures I noticed a big branch in the way. I figured I would just slide around it (carefully) and get into a better position. Well, when I took the first step, my shoe slid and I almost went face first into the mud. I thought the guy driving by was going to run us over, watching me instead of the road - lol. If you look carefully you will see several things hidden in and behind the flowers. Things I didn't see until I started shooting. I love all the flowers :). And, not a single close-up because of the mud.


Wife and Mom said...

I love the red fence post against the yellow flowers and of course all of the hidden political and patriotic messages!

luke and wyatt's mom said...

Me too! I love the first one with the red posts-that really makes the shot! (And, yes, of course, the signs...Go McCain! Go Dad!)
That's funny about the mud...you photographer types will do anything to get the shot :)

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