Friday, October 24, 2008

First Check

Wow! The excitement at our house today was that Kali received her first paycheck!!! She was so excited! I sent her into Johnny's by herself to pick up her first check. She got paid for a total of 3.95 hours worked. Kali had no idea how much she was getting paid an hour, so we had no way to know how much this check might be for. She got back into the car, waited a second, then ripped open the envelope. When she looked at the check, Kali got this amazed look on her face and, with eyes wide open, she said, "$24.77! Wow! That's enough to buy like 50 packs of Ramen!" ROFL. After I stopped laughing, we figured out she could actually get like 120 packs of Ramen, if she felt so moved. Life is great!

Oh yeah, she said the above picture looked like a mug shot! Spoken like a true cop's (ex-cop's) daughter!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Congratulations! The first check is always very exciting!


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