Monday, March 23, 2009

Mom, Can We Count This As Science?

OK, I have a photo challenge to work on this week. I'll tell you more specifics on Thursday. One thing led to another and Kali and I ended up outside armed with a camera and a blue ray DVD for the movie Eagle Eye. This was Kali's resulting photo. She got a great reflection of the overhead branches in our back yard.
Then we got the idea to play around some with other possible shots, but I wasn't willing to use my $29.99 blue ray movie to experiment with. Instead, we sacrificed a blank CD :O) to get the following shots.

I was surprised at the great colors we got when the sun was striking the CD. We used the recording side for our experiments. It didn't matter whether we held it in our hand facing the sun, placed it on the porch in the shade, took an angle shot with the CD on the ground, or took a direct, straight on shot - we got beautiful colors. Yes, this is certainly something you other homeschoolers could play around with and use to study light, refraction, reflexion, colors, who knows what else. And it was fun! Deb, I can just see a post on your blog now with all 4 of your kids playing with your CDs. I am interested to see what they might do with this :O).


Nana said...

Very fun.

FeeBeeKay said...

Such amazing colours Alice - you have such an incredible knack for spotting something and realising it is an opportunity to try something different. A real gift for creative thinking! Blessings to you all for the week ahead!

Fiona x

Christine said...

Amazing how something so simple can turn out so beautiful! You guys have a great eye for art!

jenjen said...

Wow - how cool! I never thought about doing that. It turned out really neat!

Thanks for coming over and saying hi! I am excited to get to know you!


Anonymous said...

What fun - especially when you spent it with your daughter!

Patti said...

We've used them to make suncatcher crafts & ornaments for years now. Anything can be a toy - or a photo subject! LOL!

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