Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Bad Day To Be Gus

DISCLAIMER: there's a whole lot of blue and brown in these photos. I hope you're partial to blue and brown, otherwise you might want to turn back right now :).

You might be asking why it was a bad day to be Gus. (If not, that means you didn't read my title :).) A couple days prior to these photos, Mark was at the ranch doing some work and, for whatever reason, Gus kicked the trailer hitch on the jeep. Not a great move on Gus' part.

The next day we noticed limping, which continued to get worse. So, we started the process of calling in the vet, Dr. Bruey. Above you see him examining Gus' hoof.

Gus had a good bit of damage to the back of his front hoof. (There's probably a technical term for it that I don't know.) He split off a good chunk of his heel and it was twisted out to one side. As you could well imagine, Gus was not crazy about Dr. Bruey lifting and poking and prodding that section of hoof. Which leads to the above picture of Mark trying to catch Gus again :O).

Gus: Hey, Doc! Are you sure my leg's supposed to bend that way?!? Whoa, Momma!!! that hurts! (Immediately followed by some serious head-slinging by Gus!)

Gus: Well, that's a little less painful! Hey, Doc! What's that big thing sticking out of your boot?

About this time, Dr. Bruey decides some good meds would be appropriate.

You'll notice Gus' eyes start to droop. And, Dr. Bruey's little dog Tipper decided it was safe to come around.

See that big bolt cutter looking thing in the doc's boot? That's what he used to cut off the chunk of Gus' hoof that was broken. Up into the skin, not a good thing.

Before we knew it, Gus was all bandaged up and feeling no pain! Did I mention those painkiller/meds the doc gave Gus? Check this out:

and he's going . . . . . .

. . . . going . . . . .

. . . . gone!

Did you know with the proper amount of medication, you can play with a horse's mouth all you want and not get bitten? Pull on the lips, flop them back and forth, sandwich them back and forth like a clam opening and shutting its mouth, you get the general idea - lol!

Oh! Sorry, Gus!

Seriously though, Dr. Bruey was great! and Gus is feeling a lot better now. Still limping, but definitely better!


Mrs Soup said...

Glad Gus is feeling better! Cute photos....I hope he heels 100% quickly!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Poor Gus! But wow...did those drugs work well, huh? Does a horse finally fall over when that happens? I suppose not since they sleep standing up (don't they?)

Regardless...those photos are really bright!

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