Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Visit to the Ranch

A couple days ago, Jason and Bobbie came out to eat lunch and visit the ranch. Once we got in past the horses, we fed treats to Mona and Hershey.

They seriously love treats! And they will eat treats as long as you will feed them.

Bobbie was funny. When we told her you could lay on the donkeys, or hug on them, she just plopped right onto Mona's back! The donkeys love the attention! They are so sweet and loving!

Somewhere about here, Bobbie wanted to know if Mona and Hershey knew any tricks. I told her I wanted to teach Hershey how to walk through a hula hoop. So, Kali went out to the car and got my hula hoop that I use as a prop on photo shoots, and we began.

The first thing you do is to select your target. Sorry, Hershey, but you are the smallest and most likely to fit!

Next, you terrorize, I mean catch your target so you can teach her this really cool trick!

Just look at my baby run! :O) Cracks me up!

Hershey: Save me, Mona!

You may have to practice a little diversionary tactic while your partner gets set up with a handful of treats.

Zero in on your target . . . .

. . . . bribe them with treats . . . .

. . . then begin the process!

The thought is to "treat" your way through, one body part at a time!

First leg through . . . .

. . . . second leg and torso through . . . .

. . . . come on, Hershey! . . . .

. . . . and, she's through the hoop! Whoo!Hoo! (Not as easy as it looks here, but not as hard as I figured it would be, either!)

After all that hard work, you need a little down time to relax. I know! Let's wrestle Jason to the ground! hahaha! Sorry, son! Actually, Jason can give as good as he gets, I just didn't get a picture of him doing it. I was too busy laughing!

Mona: Hey, Heshey! I think that Bobbie-girl is OK! Look at her put a good one on Jason!

Gus: I wonder if Jason needs help??? Neigh! He can handle it! but I'm here just in case!

Rascal: I don't care, just stay away from my food! and that means you, too, Mona!

Well, everyone's been loved on, played with, hugged, kissed, petted, fed, and treated! even tricked!

So let's head on home! It's time to call it a day.

This week's You Capture challenge was Photographer's Choice. To check out a whole bunch of cool photos and stories, click here.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

What sweet photos!!! They looks so calm and lovable. Hope your weekend is good.

BECKY said...

Hi Alice! This was hilarious!!!!!!!!! I want to come UP and visit you!! I want to see the hula hoop trick in person!!!!

Thanks for the smiles!! Too cute!
Very sweet animals you have there!
Hope you have a delightful Sunday!!

Love and hugs,

Caseybumpinalong said...

Great pictures! Those donkeys are soooo cute! Makes me want to add one to our farm :)

Jenn said...

What a great post...awesome pictures! The animals are beautiful and it looks like you all had a nice time =).

Heather at All A Flutter said...

Those are too funny!! I love the one through the fence at the two burrows.

Nana said...

I love the donkeys. They are so cute. Looks like a great place for some fun.

Buckeroomama said...

My kids would love this!

(Obviously I am able yo get on your blog now! Weird how I wasn't able to before...)

Carly said...

cute pictures, looks like a fun time!

Tezzie said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by for a visit in 'Finland'! Sorry it's taken so long to find my way out to your ranch ;D What a beautiful place you have! Love your story in pictures...especially your sweet donkey Hershey!!

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