Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally in Naples

Kali and I finally made it to Naples late this morning. We started out last night after her class was finished and drove a couple hours before stopping for the night. Then up early this morning. Not my favorite time of day - at all. I don't typically do six o'clock in the morning. Six o'clock at night I can do all day, just not six o'clock in the morning. Interstate traffic was bad. A light rain caused big trouble. We came across a total of six major accidents. Traffic was backed up literally for miles in both directions. Not good. Needless to say - we were late arriving to the conference. At least we got there before lunch, and that was a good thing. I say "good" because today's lunch was from Panera Bread. Yummo!

We had fun debate classes today. Lots of high energy kids...whoa! Should be an interesting week :O). Tomorrow we work on Public Forum debating.

You probably won't get any more posts this week. And you definitely won't get any photos. Sorry. We are staying in a lovely hotel. A lovely hotel with stinky internet service. I am not lieing - it took over a full minute just to open my hotmail account. That didn't even include trying to read any mail. I'll be thankful to click submit on this post and just say, "have a great week! I'll be in touch Monday!"


Nana said...

Glad you guys made it there safely. Have a good time. I agree with you on 6 am. I don't like that time either. I will be doing it tomorrow though as we are heading back to Disney. I guess that is a good enough reason to get up early.

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