Sunday, January 2, 2011

CFC Fall Tour, 2010

The tour is a done deal and Winter Retreat (Ignite!) is coming up on the 13th. The Interns have done an excellent job! What better way to pull it all together than with a video highlighting their activities on tour. And you get to hear Toby Mac's Tonight because that was the intern's behind-the-scenes-theme song for the Awakening Program. Thanks for a great tour, great labs, great memories, - friendships to build a lifetime of memories with. God bless you on your way! I love every one of you - as if you were my own! (And, Kali, I love you with all my heart and am so proud of you! I thank God every day for putting you (and your brother) in my life!) So. Crank you up some Toby Mac, and enjoy :).


Sarah said...

Fantastic! Gotta love Toby Mac! xxx

JillY said...


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