Friday, May 13, 2011

Sneak Peek Senior Shoot

What fun! These beautiful ladies asked me, through my daughter, to shoot their senior pictures. Of course, I said yes! We headed out to the flower field, which didn't really yield all that many flowers this year, then we headed to the nearby barns where their horses live. Those were my favorite shots of the day. It's going to take awhile to edit everything and have it ready, but here is an excellent sneak peek of what's to come. Thanks for asking me to help document your senior year! I had a blast!


BECKY said...

Too cute! I was hoping it was Kali, though!! :o)

Love ya!

Rachel said...

They look like such fun! I have a similar shot with my horse, but I am cracking up that the horse on the left in this one, just can't leave its buddy alone for a picture :)

Must be a blast to have adventurous clients! :)

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