Saturday, May 28, 2011

TOMS: One For One Campaign


I'm sure you've most likely heard of Toms. If not, let me enlighten you. Kali and I are currently in Orlando, enjoying festivities leading up to her high school graduation tomorrow. Last night, we went to Downtown Disney to walk around (and buy jelly bellies for me and yellow bananas for Mark.) At the surf shop, we noticed a rack of Toms shoes and went over to check them out. 

There was this really nice lady named Sasha hand-painting designs on some Toms at a side table. Kali found a pair of jade Toms that she wanted. They had a denim pair that I wanted but the only pair they had was a size 5. I don't remember ever wearing a size 5 shoe, although I probably did when I was like ten or something. Anyway, I started talking with Sasha, she complimented the feather shirt I was wearing, one thing led to another, and a short while later I left with the peacock feathered shoes on the right. 

I posted this same picture on my facebook page and left this comment with the question, which pair do you believe belong to the teenager. Got some great comments on that post! Such fun! I'm wearing my new shoes now, and they are sooooooo comfortable.

For those of you who don't know what Toms are, they are a company that donate one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair you buy. They match it - one for one. I've been wanting a pair of Toms for a long time, so glad that I finally have a pair. A really cool pair! And the best part? Sasha sold another pair because a customer saw mine and loved them! You can check out Toms and sign up for their newsletter at www.


Nana said...

Hey Alice, it was fun running into you at the convention. Tell Kali congratulations on her Graduation. Looks like they were planning a nice celebration for the graduates. I love your new Toms. My grand-daughter has a pair and that was the main reason she bought them because they give a pair for each pair you buy. We spent Thursday at Disney before comoing to the convention. Just can't get enough of Disney.

donna said...

oh my goodness ...
i cannot wait to show Chelsea! she will be so proud ...
and i love the art painted on the shoes!
congratulations on graduation!


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