Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Girls

These are my girls. I love them! I'll be glad when it gets cooler outside so I can spend more time playing with them.
This is Mona. She's the boss. Pretty much - haha!
Luna. She was just 15 weeks old when we got her. So tiny and cute! She still had her baby fur.
The only downside to Luna was this - she taught the other two how to bray! Loud braying, too!
Before, Hershey and Mona just made little noises like they had asthma, wheezing noises.
Not anymore! Now all three can bray and make a loud ruckus! So cute!
And they like to eat! This is actually Rascal's food bucket inside a different field.
That certainly doesn't stop the little ones from trying to get to it, though.
Many of you have asked me about the donkeys. Here you see Kali with Hershey, Mona, and Luna.
They are miniature donkeys. In this picture Hershey and Mona - the two on the left - are full grown.
Last time we measured Hershey she was about 29 inches tall - to the top of her back.
Luna has grown a bit since this picture and is now just a bit taller than Hershey and is the same color.
I have trouble telling them apart sometimes, unless they are side by side.
They are a lot of fun! Lately we've been feeding them animal crackers for snacks.
I saw it recommended in my donkey handbook. At least there aren't any donkeys in the animal crackers,
just lots of horses - hahaha!

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