Saturday, April 25, 2009

NCFCA Regional Competition is Finally Here!

It is finally time for the NCFCA Regional Competition! Kali qualified in both the Florida and the North Carolina tournaments and will be presenting her persuasive speech "At World's End" at least three times over the next week. We hope she gives the speech more times than that, because that would mean she made it to semi-finals and hopefully finals. This tournament determines who will be going forward to Nationals from our region. This is what Kali and so many others have been working towards all school year. So, in the midst of drinking plenty of water, hanging with friends, praying, and working on her speech and presentation, I expect Kali to have an awesome week. This is her first year and she really wants to go all the way to Nationals. Please lift her up in prayer anytime you think about it this week. Her speech is a serious call to faith and a challenge to go out and tell others. Please pray that God will use this speech to bring hearts closer to Him. I'll try to post from Fayetteville, Georgia, in the next couple days.


BECKY said...

This is so awesome, Alice!! You must be very proud of Kali!!
I will pray that she gets to go to nationals!!

Have a blessed Sunday, sweetie, and thank you for your kind comments!!

Whitney said...

I love that first shot of Kali! She looks happy to be sitting down, relaxing. It cracks me up :)

I'll be keeping her in my prayers this week! She is definitely rising to the call of Christ, she's representin' & I love it! Tell her that I said CONGRATULATIONS!

She's a winner in my book.


Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

Congratulations to Kali, How rewarding for her. There can be nothing better than the rewards of speaking His word to others and bring people closer to God. also,
Congratulations to you.... Wow. - imagine all those long days and nights you spent wondering if you said all the right things if you had sent her in the right direction. This confirms the amazing job you did as well.

I am praying for Kali. Have a great week. - Jaime

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Hoping and praying Kali goes all the way to nationals. If she does, will you be allowed to post her speech after it's all said and done?

Nana said...

Way to go Kali. I will be praying and I believe you will make it all the way to Nationals. I can't wait to see and hear more about it.
Remember your friends from Trinity are praying for you.

Patti said...

Remember when you were so thrilled at retirement because you could homeschool Kali?
I'm so proud of both of you. PTL!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Alice,

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Alice said...

Heidi ~ rules state that we can not post any part of Kali's speech online until Nationals are over. Sorry. Obviously I'd love to post it as I am so proud of Kali. Thanks for asking :O).

Patti ~ it's been a long time coming. What a ride - lol!

Lighthouse ~ prayers coming your way. I am glad your family enjoys my blog. Thanks for your kind words. Blessings to you and your family :O).

Thanks for everyone's kind wishes and prayers. Kali has given her speech once and will give it twice more today. Then they will decide who advances to semi-finals. That's our first hurdle. Thanks for your prayers.

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