Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lazing By The River

This evening I had the opportunity to go on a photo shoot with some photography friends. The hope was to teach me how to shoot in manual, but we never quite got to that point. I came home, looked at photos, and downloaded ones I want to work on. I really liked this particular photo - probably my favorite from this session. Here I edited it in Picasa 3 and PSCS3. Then I started playing with a new program I got recently and edited the same photo with Urban Cover Model. I like the way this turned out also. Not sure I could duplicate it, but I like the way it looks :).
I have had a few people comment that when they look at my blog, the right-hand side of my landscape photos is being cut off. Thanks to those who responded here on the blog, or through emails, to help me figure this problem out. The answer is resolution settings. All my photos are saved at the highest resolution in order to get the best quality I can. I keep my computer set at 1280 x 800 pixels. You can find that on your computer under 'control panel' - 'settings'. If you are having trouble viewing my photos, you might check your resolution. A higher setting will make ALL your photos look better - not just mine :). Thanks!


Wife and Mom said...

Nice shot--I agree. I am on my wide panel right now but will check the photos in the morning on the other screen. Had fun tonight and my mind is still racing from the meltdown on the way home. Before I know it she will be grown like your baby girl. It goes too fast so I'll take her smiling or screaming. :)

Whitney said...

Had fun, Mrs. Alice!

(I'm not capable to comment on the blog thing because my computer screen is messed up anyways! Haha! Sorry! I hope you get it to work out.)

Dea said...

Awesome shot! I am able to see all of it i do believe, so i hope that helps!

Wife and Mom said...

I am on my regular monitor now and the problem is still there. Whitney's feet are cut off in the photos I see. On my wider screen last night--all of it showed so I could not fairly judge. I read what you said about the resolution and that does not apply here. My resolution is also at (1280x800). Your issues are coming in with the increase of your photos to the larger size and the amount of space that blogger allows you to upload them in. I have gone through that many, many times when redesigning headers for people and I would simply so back and adjust the size over and over until it all showed and blogger boundaries would take it. Those collages that you are talking about are more situated like story boards that are printed on a longer length. If you will measure the sides of the collages then you will see that they are not 4x6 or 8x10 but way longer. This is why they go off the page in that size you are uploading.

I upload my portrait images that are original (4x6) or (8x10) to the (800x600 15 inch screen) and my landscape images that are original (4x6) or (8x10) to the (640x480 Large) settings. Good luck!

Patti said...

She has feet?

Great shot, even without the tootsies. :-)

Nana said...

When I click to enlarge it I can see both her feet. Good picture.

Patti said...

Yes, i can see her feet in the flip flops!
Ya know, when I was in high school we called those thongs but I'm not gonna tell anyone I saw Whitney wearing thongs by the river.

Alice said...

valid point, patti - lol!

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